Game Essentials Units 2.5-2.9: Christian McQueen


About Christian McQueen

Christian McQueen is the best-selling author of Nightclub Bible: The Authority On Picking Up Women In Nightclubs, Stripclub Bible: The Authority on Picking Up Strippers and The Player’s Guide To Text Game.

His latest book The Alpha Playboy: Every Man’s Guide To Kicking Ass In The Game Of Life is available now.

A former nightclub owner in Los Angeles, a Vegas and LA VIP Club Host and having sold books around the world, Christian also coaches clients with the famous Vegas Hangover Experience trip as well as the Transform Your Life: From Beta To Alpha 6 Month Personal Coaching Program.

He has made a name for himself by being a top nightclub and dating expert and also has a dating column for the men’s self-improvement site

Questions, Coaching and/or Press inquires: (taken from the about page)


GM-1069 Unit 2.5

| The McQueen Manifesto |

As often happens in life, situations arise and crisis hits without warning, but whether in good times or bad, it is best to have some Life ‘Rules’, or guidelines, to have in place. Navigating the experience of life without a ‘compass’ is a recipe for disaster. Having a game plan will help your journey be smoother. Throughout my life, I have experienced many situations, both good and bad, as I’m sure you have as well, and the following ‘rules’ have become rock solid truths that have helped me immensely. I believe they will help you as well.” – Christian McQueen

GM-1069 Unit 2.6

5 Game Tips For Newbies |

Alright newbies, I’m about to drop some golden game knowledge to get you kickstarted on your personal path to pussy. It’s easy for vets to write about advanced game techniques, but sometimes I forget that the ‘basics’ of game are actually the foundation for great game[2]. Thus, here are five game tips that I have put together over a decade of pulling hotties through trial and definitely error.” – Christian McQueen

GM-1069 Unit 2.7

| 11 Ways To Cockblock Yourself |

In your quest for becoming a better man, building your lifestyle and becoming a Casanova with women, it’s wise to learn what to do, but knowing what not to do, is just as important. Thus, this list of 11 Ways To Cockblock Yourself, is your new guide to help you identify exactly what will cockblock you and learning to avoid these mistakes will help your game tremendously.” – Christian McQueen

GM-1069 Unit 2.8

| My Biggest Issue with Game: Texting |

It didn’t occur to me until a few months ago, how much improvement my text game needed. Face to face with a girl, I generally consider myself a charmer with a playful vibe and good stories about adventures abroad.

However, sometimes that humor does not transcend well into texting. I either get too silly, use too many smiley faces and have a hard time holding frame and getting the girl to pursue me. 

One of my favorite parts of Christian’s mentoring program[2] is how I have instant access to any game question I may have by texting him. At least 1-3 times a week I’ll not be sure how to respond to a girl’s message. I’ll take a screenshot of the conversation and send it to Christian for analysis, like James Bond sending enemy information back to Q Branch. He’ll breakdown how to better hold frame and convey a chill, non-needy vibe.” – Christian McQueen

GM-1069 Unit 2.9

15 Tips On How To Deal With Women In A Relationship |

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in almost three decades of my life, is that turning into a beta bitch boy in your current relationship or with your ex, will never increase her attraction for you and will never win your ex back.

I’m going to break this down like a motherfucker right now, you ready?

1. Forget everything you ever saw in a romantic comedy that supposedly works on girls. Toss it out of the halls of your mind. It does not work.” – Christian McQueen


* AMA (ask me anything) with Christian McQueen Dated Feb. 2014 via


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